We are delighted to welcome Rahul Bharti back to Cohousing The Okelaar, this time for a 5-day workshop in Ancient Healing & Tibetan Singing Bowls. A wonderful workshop for anyone with an interest in ancient healing techniques and sound healing. Skills that are applicable both to yourself and/or when guiding, treating or supporting others.

Ancient Healing
The ancient healing techniques taught by Rahul are also known as the grandparent of Reiki. Through our hands, we can sense what the other person is going through. It can help ourselves or the other person to balance male and female energy, to give love and trust and/or take away heavy energy.

Tibetaanse klankschalen
“Where words are not enough, singing bowls can give an answer”

That’s how powerful singing bowls are! You will learn about the history of Tibetan singing bowls, how they and what they can do for someone. You will learn about cleansing singing bowls and finally, at the end of the course, you will be able to play 3 powerful sequences originating from the Shamans from Sri Lanka.

Ancient Healing and Tibetan singing bowls are a great combination to heal yourself, to take steps in your development and to understand and better support others.
Working with singing bowls is an enormous added value for health workers, therapists and coaches. But the power of singing bowls can also be healing for those not working in healthcare.

Who is Rahul Bharti
Rahul Bharti is the founder and teacher of The Healing Hands Centre, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Born in Goa, India, he was driven at a very young age by his desire to help others. He started his career as a therapist as a very young boy, by learning ancient massage techniques in Chiang Mai, Thailand. His gift was seen by his father, who gave him the opportunity to continue his training at a young age as a healer with shamans and spiritual teachers in different parts of the world. He lived with gypsies in Sri Lanka and in communities in Australia, India and Thailand. He became a warm, sensitive and charismatic therapist and has now been in the profession for over 30 years.

His energy and loving way of being in life is a real source of inspiration. Rahul lives for what he has learnt. It is his mission to share his knowledge and experience with others. He uses techniques such as ancient yoga stretches, sound healing, and energetic work, as well as being a relationship counsellor and traditional midwife. For years, he has been teaching students from all over the world.

Ancient Healing and Singing Bowls course from 1 to 5 March
The course consists of a combination of theory and practice. The theory is the necessary foundation, the practical part will ultimately be your experience. During the course, you will learn different techniques to use for yourself, and tools you can apply to others. Each student is approached in a way that works best for him/her.

Energy healing & Sound healing:
The energy healing exercises focus first on self-healing by balancing and grounding your masculine and feminine energy. What we can do ourselves, we can also do for others to support them in their healing process. The specific techniques come from ancient healing, the ancestor of Reiki. Singing bowls are a powerful tool to work with the energetic system and it is also one of the most relaxing ways of treatment.

For whom is the course

  • For anyone interested in sound-healing and singing bowls in general; no prior knowledge required
  • This course is a perfect follow-up for those who have already attended previous courses or workshops with Rahul
  • For therapists and counsellors who like to apply the techniques of ancient healing and sound healing to their clients
  • For those who do not actively work or plan to work with clients, but would like to spend a few days in the healing sound bath of Tibetan singing bowls
  • For those who like to work on their own growth and self-awareness under the charismatic guidance of Rahul.

There is also always room to bring in your own questions, Rahul is happy to make time for this.
Language is (simple) English.

The course starts on 1 March to 5 March, from 9.30 am to 5 pm each time, in room Subtilia of Co-housing The Okelaar.

The Okelaar
Oppemstraat 8
1861 Wolvertem

Participation fee for 5 days course is 680€, including a simple vegetable lunch (gluten-free possible on request).

The course will only take place during the day. However, simple accomodation can be provided in co-housing de Okelaar at a democratic extra cost. Just let us know and we will help where possible.

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